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In the restaurant

Pelayan! - Waiter! Waitress!

Tolong menunya - The menu, please

Apa menu spesial hari ini? - What's the special menu of today?

Saya pesan... - I want... (literally: I reserve)

Jangan terlalu pedas / asin / manis - Don't be too spicy (hot) / salty / sweet

Tolong bonnya - The bill, please

makanan - food

minuman - beverages

nasi - rice

air - water

sup - soup

susu - milk

daging - meat

kopi - coffee

telur - egg

teh - tea

mie - noodle

jus - juice

ayam - chicken

bir - beer

sapi - beef

limun - lemonade

jagung - corn

jamur - mushroom

keju - cheese

tomat - tomato

kentang - potato

kue - cake

roti - bread

Note: Nowadays, Western foods in Indonesian restaurants are written as in their original language: salad, spaghetti, tiramisu, pizza, kebab, sushi, yakiniku, etc.

At the hotel

Anda punya kamar kosong? - Do you have any unoccupied rooms?

Kamar Anda di lantai satu / dua / tiga - Your room is on 1st floor / 2nd floor / 3rd floor

Ini kunci kamar Anda - This is your key

Anda punya kamar yang lebih baik / murah? - Do you have any rooms better(nicer) / cheaper?

Saya ingin kamar dengan... - I want a room with...

Saya tidak memerlukan kamar dengan... - I do not need a room with... (it's not necessary to me)

Kamar mandi, air panas, ekstra bed, AC, televisi, lemari es, telepon - Bathroom, hot water, extra bed, AC, TV, refrigerator, telephone

Apakah sudah termasuk sarapan? - Is breakfast included?

Saya mau check in / check out - I want to check in / check out

Tolong angkat koper saya - Please lift my luggage

Tolong carikan taksi - Please get me a taxi

In the city

Taksi! - Taxi!

Tolong antar saya ke... - Please take me to the...

Berhenti! Stop!  - Stop!

Berapa saya harus bayar? - How much do I have to pay?

Permisi, dimana... - Excuse me, where is the...

Belok kanan / kiri - Turn right / left

Lurus - Move towards

Saya mau tukar 100 Euro ini dengan Rupiah - I want to change these 100 Euros to Rupiahs


bank - bank

restoran - restaurant

supermarket -  supermarket

hotel - hotel

mall - mall

halte bus - bus shelter

rumah sakit - hospital

kantor polisi - police station

gereja - church

masjid - mosque

kantor pos - post office

toko buku - bookstore / bookshop

bar - bar

kafe -  caf

kedai kopi - coffeshop

bioskop - cinema


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