Learn French and Italian Simultaneously

Learn Two Languages at the Same Time


Do you want to learn French and Italian together? Learning two languages simultaneously is not much harder than learning only one. There is also a French and German tutorial if you prefer a mixture of Romance and Germanic languages. If you'd like to also study Spanish and Portuguese with French and Italian, then head over to the multilingual Romance vocabulary and Romance verb lists. Or if Germanic languages interest you more, check out the Germanic vocabulary and Germanic verb lists instead.


French & Italian I

Basic Phrases




Articles & Demonstratives

Nouns: Gender & Number

Personal Pronouns

Verbs: Be, Have, Do

Interrogatives / Conjunctions / Adverbs

Days / Months / Seasons

Time / Weather / Directions

Colors & Shapes


Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns


French & Italian II

Adjectives: Gender & Number

Verbs: Come, Go

Asking Questions


Work & School

Countries & Nationalities

Prepositions & Contractions

Verbs: Know

Food & Meals

Verbs: Can, Want, Must

Fruits & Vegetables

There is, are : Il y a / C'e, ci sono

Necessity: Il faut / Bisogna, Occorre, Ci vuole



French & Italian III

Verbs: Present & Past Tenses

Spelling Changes in the Present Tense

Irregular Imperfect Verbs

Pronominal Verbs

Etre sur le point de / Stare per + infinitive

Etre en train de / Stare + gerund

On / Si

Plaire / Piacere

Verbs: Imperative

Verbs: Present Perfect / Past Perfect Tenses

Venir de / Appena

House & Furniture

Buildings & Materials


French & Italian IV

Comparatives & Superlatives

Clothing & Toiletries

Verbs: Other common irregular verbs

Human Body

Verbs: Future / Conditional


Verbs: Would, Should, Could

Y & en / Ci & ne

Verbs: Subjunctive Mood

Animals & Insects

Nature & Geography

Indefinite Pronouns & Adjectives

Relative Pronouns

Verbs: Passive Voice

Faire / Fare Causative

Verbs followed by Prepositions

Preterite/Simple Past Tense

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