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How to say a, an, and the in Icelandic

There is no indefinite article in Icelandic, meaning that the word barn (child) means both child and a child. There is no translation for a or an in Icelandic.

In the following table, the nouns bíll – car, nemandi – pupil, rós – rose, kirkja – church, and barn – child are given in all of their cases in the indefinite form:

singular masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative bíll  nemandi  rós  kirkja barn
accusative bíl nemanda  rós  kirkju barn
dative bíl nemanda  rós  kirkju barni
genitive bíls nemanda  rósar kirkju barns
plural masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative bílar nemendur rósir kirkjur börn
accusative bíla nemendur rósir kirkjur börn
dative bílum nemendum rósum kirkjum börnum
genitive bíla nemenda rósa kirkja barna

Definite Article in Icelandic

The definite article (the) is suffixed to the noun and its declensions, instead of preceding it as a separate word as in English. The table below shows the definite article and its various declensions that need to be added to the end of each form of the noun:

singular masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative inn nn in n ið 
accusative inn nn ina na ið 
dative num num inni nni nu
genitive ins ns innar nnar ins
plural masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative nir nar nar nar in
accusative na nar nar nar in
dative num num num num num
genitive nna nna nna nna nna

The definite forms of the five nouns given above, with the definite article attached to the end:

singular masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative bíllinn  nemandinn  rósina  kirkjan  barnið 
accusative bílinn  nemandann  rósinni  kirkjuni  barnið 
dative bílnum nemandanum  rósinna  kirkjunna  barninu 
genitive bílsins nemandans  rósarinnar kirkjunnir barnsins
plural masculine feminine neuter
-ur, -l, -n -i no ending -a
nominative bílarnir  nemendurnir  rósirnar  kirkjurnar  börnin 
accusative bílana  nemendurna  rósirnar  kirkjurnar  börnin 
dative bílunum  nemendunum  rósunum  kirkjunum  börnunum 
genitive bílanna nemandanna  rósanna  kirkjanna  barnanna

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