Basic Italian Phrases

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If a phrase or question is formal, you should use it with people you do not know, people who are older, and those to whom you want to show respect. In addition, the formal you is also used as the plural you. If a phrase or question is informal, you should use it with family members, close friends, and children.

Hello / Good morning Buongiorno

Good evening Buona sera

Good night Buona notte

Hi / Bye (informal) Ciao

Goodbye Arrivederci

Goodbye (formal) ArrivederLa

See you later A più tardi

See you soon A presto / A dopo

See you tomorrow A domani

Please Per favore / Per piacere

Thank you (very much) Grazie (mille)

You're welcome Prego

I'm sorry Mi dispiace

Excuse me (formal / informal) Scusi / Scusa

Let's go! Andiamo!

How are you? (formal) Come sta?

How are you? (informal) Come stai?

I'm fine. Sto bene.

Not bad. Non c'è male.

Pretty good. Abbastanza bene.

So so. Così così.

Yes / No Sì / No

What's your name? (formal) Come si chiama?

What's your name? (informal) Come ti chiami?

My name is... Mi chiamo...

Nice to meet you. Piacere / Molto lieto.

Mister, Misses, Miss Signore, Signora, Signorina

Where are you from? (formal) Di dov'è?

Where are you from? (informal) Di dove sei?

I am from... Sono di...

How old are you? (formal) Quanti anni ha?

How old are you? (informal) Quanti anni hai?

I'm 20 years old. Ho venti anni.

Do you speak Italian? (formal) Parla italiano?

Do you speak English? (informal) Parli inglese?

I speak Italian. Parlo italiano.

I don't speak English. Non parlo inglese.

Do you understand? (formal / informal) Capisce? / Capisci?

I [don't] understand. [Non] capisco.

I don't know. Non so.

I know. Lo so.

Can you help me? (formal / informal) Può aiutarmi? / Puoi aiutarmi?

Sure / OK. Certamente / D'accordo.

What? / Pardon me? Come?

May I help you? (formal / informal) Desidera? / Desideri?

How do you say _____ in Italian? Come si dice _____ in italiano?

Where is / Where are... ? Dov'è / Dove sono...?

Here is / Here are... Ecco / Eccoli...

There is / There are... C'è / Ci sono...

What's the matter? / What's wrong?
Cosa c'è?
It doesn't matter. Non importa. / Di niente. / Di nulla.

I don't care. Non m'importa.

Don't worry. (informal) Non ti preoccupare.

I forgot. Ho dimenticato.

I have to go now. Devo andare adesso.

I'm hungry. / I'm thirsty. Ho fame. / Ho sete.

I'm cold. / I'm hot. Ho freddo. / Ho caldo.

I'm bored. Mi annoio.

Bless you! (after a sneeze) Salute!

Congratulations! Congratulazioni!

Welcome! Benvenuti!

Good luck! Buona fortuna!

It's my turn! / It's your turn! (informal) Tocca a me! / Tocca a te!

I love you. (singular, informal) Ti amo.

You're crazy! (formal / informal)
(when talking to a man)
È pazzo! / Sei pazzo!

Be quiet / Shut up! (formal / informal)
(when talking to a man)
Sta zitto! / Stai zitto!

OK! Va bene!


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