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Why German is EasyOnce you think you've mastered these German phrases, try the audio flashcards or exercises to test your memory. Return to the German I Tutorial for more German (and mp3s)! I've also recommended some German books from Amazon and Interlinear Books for learning through literal translations. Yabla German and FluentU offer authentic language through videos with subtitles and translations into English. If you are learning German and French together, there is a comparative tutorial available, and if you are learning more than one Germanic language, check out Germanic Vocabulary and Germanic Verbs. I have begun converting Foreign Service Institute German to HTML, and you can view images of German realia taken in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. If you'd like a guide to help with motivation and confidence in learning and speaking German, check out Why German is Easy.

If a phrase or question is formal, you should use it with people you do not know, people who are older, and those to whom you want to show respect. In addition, the formal you is also used as the plural you. If a phrase or question is informal, you should use it with family members, close friends, and children.

Good morning Guten Morgen

Hello / Good day Guten Tag

Good evening Guten Abend

Good night Gute Nacht

Hi / Hello
Hi / Bye (S. Germany & Austria)
Tag / Hallo
Servus (S. Germany & Austria)

Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen

Hello / Greetings (S. Germany & Austria) Grüß dich / Grüß Gott (S. Germany & Austria)

Bye Tschüs / Tschau

Let's go! Gehen wir!

See you later Bis später

See you soon Bis bald

See you tomorrow Bis morgen

Please Bitte

Thank you / Thank you very much Danke / Danke schön / Danke sehr

You're welcome Bitte schön

I'm sorry Es tut mir leid

Excuse me Entschuldigen Sie

Pardon me Verzeihung

How are you? (formal) Wie geht es Ihnen?

How are you? (informal) Wie geht's?

Very good / OK Sehr gut / So lala

Bad / Not good Schlecht / Nicht gut

I'm ok. (informal) Es geht.

Yes / No Ja / Nein

What's your name? (formal) Wie heißen Sie?

What's your name? (informal) Wie heißt du?

My name is... Ich heiße...

Nice to meet you. Es freut mich.

Likewise. Gleichfalls.

Mister / Misses / Miss Herr / Frau / Fräulein

Where are you from? (formal) Woher kommen Sie?

Where are you from? (informal) Woher kommst du?

I'm from... Ich komme aus...

Where do you live? (formal) Wo wohnen Sie?

Where do you live? (informal) Wo wohnst du?

I live in... Ich wohne in...

How old are you? (formal) Wie alt sind Sie?

How old are you? (informal) Wie alt bist du?

I am ____ years old. Ich bin ____ Jahre alt.

Do you speak German? (formal) Sprechen Sie deutsch?

Do you speak English? (informal) Sprichst du englisch?

I (don't) speak... Ich spreche (kein)...

Do you understand? (formal / informal) Verstehen Sie? / Verstehst du?

I (don't) understand. Ich verstehe (nicht).

I (don't) know. Ich weiß (nicht).

Recommended Resource

Interlinear Books helps you learn languages by reading fascinating books. Their books are translated into the Interlinear format, where the original is followed by an English translation below each word or expression. Click to check their books out.

Can you help me? (formal) Können Sie mir helfen?

Can you help me? (informal) Kannst du mir helfen?

Of course / Gladly Natürlich / Gerne

May I help you? (formal) Kann ich Ihnen helfen?

May I help you? (informal) Kann ich dir helfen?

What? Pardon me? Wie bitte?

How do you say ___ in German? Wie heißt ___ auf deutsch?

Where is / Where are... ? Wo ist / Wo sind... ?

There is / are... Es gibt...

What's the matter? Was ist los?

It doesn't matter. Das macht nichts.

I don't care. Das ist mir egal.

Don't worry! Keine Angst!

I forgot. Ich habe es vergessen.

I must go now. Jetzt muss ich gehen.

I'm hungry. Ich habe Hunger.

I'm thirsty. Ich habe Durst.

I'm sick. Ich bin krank.

I'm tired. Ich bin müde.

I'm bored. Ich habe Langeweile.

I'd like... Ich möchte / Ich hätte gern...

I like it. Das gefällt mir.

Great / Fantastic! Prima / Toll / Super!

Bless you! Gesundheit!

Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Be quiet! (informal) Sei ruhig!

Welcome! Willkommen!

Good luck! Viel Glück!

Look! (formal / informal) Schauen Sie mal! / Schau mal!

Yes? / What would you like to order? Bitte schön?

What can I get you? / How can I help you? Was darf's sein?

Anything else? Sonst noch etwas?

Here you go. (handing something to someone) Bitte schön.

The check, please! Zahlen bitte!

Keep the change. Stimmt so.

I'm full. Ich bin satt.

I feel sick. Mir ist schlecht.

It hurts. Es tut mir weh.

I love you. (informal) Ich liebe dich.

I miss you. (informal) Du fehlst mir.

Everything is fine. Alles ist in Ordnung.

How about...? Wie wäre es mit ... ?

What kind of (a)...? Was für ein...?

Isn't it? [general tag question] Nicht wahr?

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