French Vocabulary: Regular Verbs

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to like, loveaimer
to singchanter
to look forchercher
to begincommencer
to givedonner
to studyétudier
to closefermer
to livehabiter
to playjouer
to eatmanger
to showmontrer
to speakparler
to thinkpenser
to worktravailler
to findtrouver
to sellvendre
to wait forattendre
to hearentendre
to loseperdre
to answerrépondre (à)
to go/get downdescendre
to buildbâtir
to finishfinir
to choosechoisir
to punishpunir
to fillremplir
to obeyobéir (à)
to succeedréussir
to cure, healguérir
to go outsortir
to lie (tell a lie)mentir
to sleepdormir
to smell, feelsentir
to serveservir
to leavepartir