Turkish Particle -de / -da

Learn how to use the particle -de / -da in Turkish

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This tutorial was written by Ömer & Mehmet Sener. If you are interested in authentic uses of language, go to Turkish realia for photos taken in Turkey.

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Particle -de / -da in Turkish (also and to be at a place)

The meaning of being at/in one place is conveyed through the particle –de or –da in Turkish. Either of these endings is added to the word, according to the vowel in the last syllable. An E-dotted vowel will get –de, and an A-undotted vowel will get –da, similar to the plurals.

arabada in the car

evde at home

okulda at school

Note that there is also –te and –ta, used if the last letter of the word is a hard consonant (one of these letters: f, s, t, k, ç, ş, h, p).

işte at work

Note: Proper nouns are separated from suffixes by an apostrophe in Turkish.

New York’ta in New York

The particle de/da also means “too, also”. It is then written separate from the word and is not bound with hard consonant rules.

Arkadaşım da İngilizce biliyor. My friend knows English too.
Gökay da gelmek istiyor. Gökay also wants to come.
Biz de bilmiyoruz. We don’t know either.




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