Swedish III Tutorial: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

Places and Transportation Vocabulary in Swedish

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Swedish Places and Transportation Vocabulary

airport flygplats inn värdshus (n)
bakery bageri (n) library bibliotek (n)
bank bank market marknad
bar bar monument monument
barn lada museum museum
barracks kasern palace palats (n)
bench bänk path stig
bookstore bokhandel pharmacy apotek (n)
bridge bro police station polisstation
building byggnad port hamn
castle slott (n) prison fängelse (n)
cathedral katedral restaurant restaurang
cemetery kyrkogård road/street gata
church kyrka school skola
cinema biograf sidewalk trottoar
consulate konsulat (n) square torg (n)
corner hörn (n) stable stall (n)
courtyard gård stadium stadion
embassy ambassad store affär
factory fabrik suburb förort
farm bondgård theater teater
fountain fontän/brunn tower torn (n)
garage garage (n) town stad
hospital sjukhus (n) town hall rådhus (n)
hotel hotell (n) train station järnvägsstation
house hus (n) university universitet (n)
hut hydda village by

airplane flygplan
bicycle cykel
boat båt
bus buss
car bil
moped moped
motorcycle motorcykel
ship skepp (n)
streetcar spårvagn
train tåg (n)
truck lastbil


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