Spanish Prepositions

How to say prepositions of place in Spanish

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Spanish Prepositions Spanish Flashcards


a at, to al lado de beside, alongside of
con with alrededor de around
contra against cerca de near, close to
de of, from lejos de far from
en in, on delante de in front of
entre between, among debajo de below, under
hacia towards, about en frente de opposite
para for, in order to, by detrás de behind
por for, through, along, via encima de above, on top of
sobre on, over hasta till, until
sin without desde from, since


There are two prepositional contractions with definite articles.  A and el combine to form al, and de and el combine to form del.

Para often drops the second syllable in speech in the Caribbean and some Latin American countries. In informal writing, it is usually written as pa'


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