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Romance Languages Vocabulary: Shapes

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French adjectives add -e to form the feminine, while Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese adjectives change final -o to -a. Some color words are invariable and never change to agree with gender or number (such as lila in French and viola in Italian).

English French Italian Spanish Portuguese
square le carré il quadrato el cuadrado o quadrado
circle le cercle il cerchio el circulo o círculo
triangle le triangle il triangolo el triángulo o triângulo
rectangle le rectangle il rettangolo el rectángulo o retângulo
oval l'ovale (m) l'ovale (m) el óvalo o óvalo
box la boîte la scatola la caja a caixa
sphere la sphère la sfera la esfera a esfera
cube le cube il cubo el cubo o cubo
pyramid la pyramide la piramide la pirámide a pirâmide
cone le cône il cono el cono o cone
cylinder le cylindre il cilindro el cilindro o cilindro
heart le cœur il cuore el corazón o coração
star l'étoile (f) la stella la estrella a estrela
diamond le diamant il diamante el diamante o diamante
crescent le croissant la mezzaluna creciente a meia-lua


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