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Romance Languages Verbs: Stem-changing -ir / -ire verbs in French and Italian

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English French Italian
-ir (-iss-) verbs -ire (-isc-) verbs
Infinitive: to finish finir finire
Present: finish(es) finis finisco
finis finisci
finit finisce
finissons finiamo
finissez finite
finissent finiscono
Imperfect: finished/used to finish finissais finivo
finissais finivi
finissait finiva
finissions finivamo
finissiez finivate
finissaient finivano
Preterite / Simple Past: finished finis finii
(rare in French or Italian speech) finis finisti
  finit finì
  finîmes finimmo
  finîtes finiste
  finirent finirono
Future: will finish finirai finirò
finiras finirai
finira finirà
finirons finiremo
finirez finirete
finiront finiranno
Conditional: would finish finirais finirei
finirais finiresti
finirait finirebbe
finirions finiremmo
finiriez finireste
finiraient finirebbero
Present Subjunctive: finish(es) finisse finisca
finisses finisca
finisse finisca
finissions finiamo
finissiez finiate
finissent finiscano
Imperfect Subjunctive: finished finisse finissi
(rare in French speech) finisses finissi
  finît finisse
  finissions finissimo
  finissiez finiste
  finissent finissero
Affirmative Imperative: finish
Singular familiar you finis finisci
Singular formal you finissez finisca
Let's... finissons finiamo
Plural familiar you finissez finite
Plural formal you finissez finiscano
Negative Imperative: don't finish    
Singular familiar you ne finis pas non finire
Singular formal you ne finissez pas non finisca
Let's not... ne finissons pas non finiamo
Plural familiar you ne finissez pas non finite
Plural formal you ne finissez pas non finiscano
Gerund: finishing finissant finendo
Present Participle: finishing finissant finente (rare: finiente)
Past Participle: finished fini finito
Auxiliary in perfect tenses for "to finish" avoir avere or essere


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