Portuguese Subject Pronouns

Learn how to say I, you, he, she, it, we, and they in Portuguese

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5. Portuguese Subject Pronouns

The subject pronouns are not too difficult to learn in Portuguese, but there is more than one way to say you, it, and they.

singular (one person) plural (more than one person)
eu I nós we
tu you (informal - not used in most of Brazil) vós you (informal - also not used in Brazil)
o senhor

a senhora
he / it (masculine)
she / it (feminine)
you (informal)
you (formal masculine)
you (formal feminine)
os senhores
as senhoras
they (masculine)
they (feminine)
you (informal)
you (formal masculine)
you (formal feminine)

The word tu is only used in the region of southern Brazil, where they normally don't use você, and vós is not used at all. We use the word você when talking to family or friends. If you're talking to one person that you don't know, you must use o senhor or a senhora (Mr or Mrs.) with the same verb conjugations as ele / ela / você. For the plural, use os senhores or as senhoras with the same verb conjugations as eles / elas / vocês.

In Portugal, o senhor and a senhora are very formal ways to say you. Você is considered semiformal and tu is considered informal.

Note that ele and ela are also used to mean it, depending on if the noun is masculine or feminine.


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