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2. Portuguese Pronunciation

Portuguese Letter English Sound
a like a in after
e like e in empty or if it's at the end of a word, like ee in cheese
i always like ee
o like the sound of all but without the l sound
u always like oo in fool
lh like lli in million but shorter
h silent
nh like ny in canyon
r in beginning of word like h in hot. Between two letters like the Italian r in Maria
rr always like h in hot
d like in English
j like in English but without the d sound. Something like zh or a hard sh
g before e and i like j. Otherwise like g in go
gue, gui the g in go followed by e or i
qua, quo are always pronounced separately, like kwa, kwo
s between vowels, like z in zoo; otherwise like z. (In Portugal, like sh when at the end of a word.)
x sometimes like sh in shift or like z in zoo
ç like ss
z like z in English (In Portugal, like zh when at the end of a word.)
ã like oe in does
â like ã but shorter
á like a in Artic
ê like e but shorter
é like a in apple
í like i but longer
ô like o but shorter
ó like o in more
ú like u but longer
ch like sh in shift
õe like "oen"


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