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36. Portuguese Verb To Like - Gostar

In Portuguese, one who likes literally likes of something, so you need to use the preposition de (and the appropriate definite article if needed) after the verb gostar. Gostar plus a noun means to like something. Literally, it means to please and takes an indirect object, so the construction of the sentence will be different than that of English.

gostar - to like      
eu gosto de I like nós gostamos de we like
tu gostas de you like vós gostais de you like
ele/ela/você gosta de he/she/you like eles/elas/vocês gostam de they/you like

Eu gosto de flores.  I like flowers. (Note: If you like specific flowers, you say: Eu gosto das flores or Eu gosto destas flores)
Nós gostamos da casa.  We like the house.
Não gosto (disso).  I don't like it.
Você gosta (disso)?  Do you like it?


Note: If you speak Spanish, notice that word order with gostar in Portuguese is NOT similar to word order with gustar in Spanish.


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