Portuguese Articles & Demonstratives

Learn how to say the, a/an, this, that, these and those in Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese Language Portuguese Language

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4. Portuguese Articles & Demonstratives

The translations of the articles the and a/an in Portuguese, as well as the demonstratives this, that, these and those, change according to the noun they precede. You need to know if the noun is masculine or feminine and singular or plural.

Masc. Singular Fem. Singular Masc. Plural Fem. Plural
the o a the os as
a, an um uma some uns umas
this este esta these estes estas
that esse essa those esses essas
that aquele aquela those aqueles aquelas

Two ways to say that/those:

  1. you use esse when you see something that is not with you but it's near
  2. you use aquele when you see something that is far from you or that is not near you at that moment.


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