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3. Portuguese Alphabet

The Portuguese alphabet has 26 letters. Listen to how to say it:


a a k u u
b l éle v
c m ême w dábliu
d n êne x xis
e ê o o y ípsolon
f éfe p z
g q quê    
h agá r érre    
i i s ésse    
j jota t    

The letter ç (cê cedilha) is not considered a separate letter in the alphabet.

Spelling changes as of January 2009:

The letters K, W and Y are now officially part of the alphabet, though they had always been used anyway;
The deletion of diaeresis (trema: ¨) in words with gue, gui, que and qui, as: aguentar, arguir, cinquenta, tranquilo, etc;  
The deletion of differential accent in the words "pára/para", "péla/pela", "pêlo/pelo", "pólo/polo" and "pêra/pera" is gone also, but it stands unchanged in the verbs "pôr", "poder" and others that use the accent as way to differentiate from singular and plural (i.e.: tem/têm);
The deletion of acute accent in open diphthongs ói and éi from paroxytones (i.e.: alcaloide, apoia, boia, colmeia);
The deletion of acute accent on stressed i and u after diphthongs in paroxytone words (i.e.: feiura);
The deletion of circumflex accent on words with êem and ôo(s) endings (i.e.: leem, voo, enjoo);
The deletion of hyphen in compound words whose second element begins with S or R, which shall be doubled (i.e.: antirracismo, antissocial), and in cases where there are vowels in both the first element's ending and the second element's beginning (i.e.: antiaéreo, autoestrada).


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