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Norwegian Pronunciation

Norwegian letter(s) English sound
d silent at end of word; and in -ld, -nd, -rd
ig ee
eg ay
h silent before consonants, such as in hv-
j, gj, hj yuh, as in yes
kj, tj sh, but softer and more palatalized (as in German)
sj, skj sh
sl shl
ki, ky, kei, køy sh, but softer and more palatalized (as in German)
ski, sky, skei, skøy sh
gi, gy, gei, gøy yuh
g + other vowels guh
sk + other vowels sk
-egn, -egl, -øgn g is silent
ng nasalized, as in singer and not finger
æ ah as in cat
ø ay, but with lips rounded
å aw as in saw



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