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Teaching ESL Lesson Plans - Buy English as a Second Language Lesson Plans! All of the ESL lesson plans are now available as one ZIP file download, with FREE lifetime updates. All of the lessons available online are included and you will be notified via e-mail when new lessons and mp3s are added to the download. (New lessons will no longer be added to the website.) If you cannot afford the electronic pack, please download the free lesson plans below. Thank you very much and happy English teaching!

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The private students that I have in France are all at the beginning level. Since they are learning English at collège or lycée, the focus is on grammar (and British English instead of American English). I've found a lot of useful exercises on Anglais Facile, Learn English Online, English Grammar Reference, English Basics, Lanternfish (formerly Boggle's World), and ESL Flow. For more advanced topics, try English Page, and Breaking News English. You can also buy Anglais workbooks designed for collège students at many bookstores. They usually cost less than 5 € and include all the relevant grammar that students learn in school, so you know what to teach. Additionally, a lot of publisher websites allow you to download sample pages or units from their textbooks, such as New Interchange.


Be & Have got charts - to fill in; present tense of be and have got: regular conjugation, question, contraction, negative, negative contraction, etc.
Be & Have Past Tense - Charts for the past tense of be and have.
Translating Be & Have - Vocabulary differences between French and English using the verbs be and have.
Will, Would, Can, Want - Charts to fill in for auxiliary verbs
Play & Go Present and Past - Charts for regular and irregular verbs in present and simple past tenses
Three meanings of 's - contraction with is, contraction with has, and possession. Rewrite sentences with no apostrophe s.
Personal Pronouns - Review of subject & object pronouns, possessive adjectives & pronouns.
Contractions - Contractions of be and have in the present tense; subject + verb and verb + not
Contractions Exercise - Write the contractions for subject + verb and verb + not. Includes past, future, conditional tenses.
Auxiliary verbs - followed by infinitive and followed by to + infinitive; word order in negative sentences and questions.
Two Groups of Verbs - Put the verbs in the correct group depending on their word order in negative and interrogative sentences
Word Order Exercises - correct word order with negative and interrogative sentences
Past & Progressive Review - Exercises on forming past tense and progressive, with negatives.
Wh- Questions Exercises - forming questions with wh- words from given answers, in present, past and progressive tenses
Yes / No Questions - Formation of yes or no questions with all verbs, in present tense
Short Answers to Yes / No Questions - Positive and negative short answers to yes or no questions in present tense
Tag Questions - Exercise on tag questions in present tense
So / Neither, Tags & Short Answers - Review of phrases beginning with so or neither, tag questions, and short answers
Simple Past Review - Exercises on the past tense, regular and irregular verbs and negatives and questions
Simple Past Questions - Exercise on responding to questions in the simple past, positive and negative
Simple Past & Past Participles - Patterns in formation of simple past and past participles of irregular verbs
Irregular Verbs Charts - Fill in charts of simple past and past participles; first corresponds to patterns of formation, second is mixed together
Simple Past & Present Perfect Exercises - Fill in charts, complete the sentences, and choose between since or for
Verb Tense Review - Form sentences (positive, negative, interrogative) using regular and irregular sentences in present, past, progressive, present perfect, and future tenses

Vocabulary / Pronunciation / Listening

Basic Conversation - Common questions and phrases in English that students should master from the very beginning, includes questions/translations
Conversations & Matching - Fill in the blank with phrases that go with the conversation, and match English & French phrases
Family Members - Female words, male words, and French translations. Short exercise using a family tree.
Olympics - Summer olympic events and general vocabulary matching French to English
Adjective Opposites - Matching exercises of English to French and opposites in English (note there are two light and two short); as well as fill-in-the-blank exercise
Common Questions - Change the instruction in French into a question in English (i.e. demande-lui si elle aime faire du ski - Do you like to ski?)
Identify vowel sound of common words - subject pronouns, possessive adjectives, determiners, verbs in present and simple past only
Identify vowel sound of common verbs - in present, simple past and past participle
Dictations - Set of dictations (10 sentences each) revising auxiliary verbs, vowels, nationalities, and food

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ESL Lesson Plans


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