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Meanings of Dovere

Depending on the verb tense, the Italian verb dovere can have many meanings in English:

tense translation  
present to owe Ti devo quindici euro.
I owe you fifteen euros.
present / imperfect to be supposed to Dovevano arrivare oggi.
They were supposed to arrive today.
present + infinitive to have to, must Maria deve affittare la sua casa.
Maria has to rent out her house.
present perfect + infinitive had to Abbiamo dovuto aspettare tante ore, ma è valsa la pena.
We had to wait several hours, but it was worth it.
future will have to Ci dovrà andare alle undici.
He will have to go there at eleven.
conditional should, ought to Dovrei leggere tutto il libro?
Should I read the entire book?
past conditional should have, ought to have Avreste dovuto vedere il film ieri sera.
You should have watched the movie last night.
present + essere must be, is probably Deve essere malato.
He must be sick.
present perfect / imperfect + essere must have been, was probably Hanno dovuto essere a scuola.
They must have been at school.


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