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Learn the conjugations of conoscere and sapere in Italian with audio

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conoscere-to know, be acquainted with sapere-to know (facts)
conosco conosciamo so sappiamo
conosci conoscete sai sapete
conosce conoscono sa sanno

Conoscere is used when you know people and places.  It is conjugated regularly.  Sapere is used when you know facts. Sapere followed by an infinitive means to know how. In addition, the object must be expressed in Italian when using sapere. You cannot simply say I know as in English, but rather I know it: Lo so.

Io conosco Mario. I know Mario.

Voi conoscete la Francia. You know (have visited) France.

Tu sai nuotare. You know how to swim.

Loro sanno cantare. They know how to sing.


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