Italian Verbs Come and Go

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To Come and to Go

Venire - to come Andare - to go
vengo vehn-goh veniamo ven-ee-ah-moh vado vah-doh andiamo ahn-dee-ah-moh
vieni vee-en-ee venite ven-ee-teh vai vah-ee andate ahn-dah-teh
viene vee-en-eh vengono ven-goh-noh va vah vanno vahn-noh

To make a verb negative, add non before it:  

Non vengo a scuola in macchina.  I don't come to school by car.

If andare is followed by another infinitive, then a must be used before the infinitive:

Vado a mangiare adesso. I'm going to eat now.

Other verbs conjugated in the same pattern as venire are:
avvenire - to happen, to occur
convenire - to convene
divenire - to become
provenire - to come from, to proceed
sovvenire - to help
svenire - to faint

Tenere (to hold, keep) verbs are conjugated very similarly to venire too, except the voi form ends in -ete instead of -ite:
appartenere - to belong
contenere - to contain
intrattenere - to entertain
mantenere - to maintain
ottenere - to obtain
ritenere - to retain
sostenere - to sustain, to support
trattenere - to withhold, to detain

To and From Places

To From
Country (singular) in da (+ contraction)
Country (plural) negli da (+ contraction)
City a da
Vado in Francia. I'm going to France.

Vengo dalla Francia. I come from France.

Vado negli Stati Uniti. I'm going to the United States.

Vengo dagli Stati Uniti. I come from the United States.

Vado a Parigi. I'm going to Paris.

Vengo da Parigi. I come from Paris.

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