Icelandic Possessives

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How to say my, your, his, her, its, our, their in Icelandic

Possessives show ownership and they were introduced in the lesson Icelandic pronouns under the genitive case. They follow the definite noun and like all other adjectives and pronouns, they have to agree. The following table shows the declensions for the possessive "my":

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative minn mín  mitt
accusative minn mína mitt
dative mínum  minni mínu 
genitive míns  minnar míns 
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative mínir  mínar  mín 
accusative mína  mínar  mín 
dative mínum  mínum  mínum 
genitive minna  minna  minna 

Þín also declines the same.

The declension of “our” is different from that of above:

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative vor vor vort
accusative vorn vora vort
dative vorum vorri voru
genitive vors vorrar vors
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative vorir vorar vor
accusative vora vorar vor
dative vorum vorum vorum
genitive vorra vorra vorra

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