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German Future Tense

The future tense is simple to form in German.  Just use the present tense forms of werden and put the infinitive to the end of the sentence. However, German usually relies on the present tense to indicate the future (implied future) and uses time expressions, such as tonight, tomorrow, etc. so the actual future tense is not quite as common in German as it is in English.  Wir gehen morgen nach Deutschland is translated as We are going to Germany tomorrow, and implies a future action, yet it uses the present tense, in both German and English.  To express present or future probability, use wohl (probably) with the future tense.

Present tense of werden
werde werden
wirst werdet
wird werden


I will fly to Germany.  Ich werde nach Deutschland fliegen.
You will help me!  Du wirst mir helfen!
We will learn Latin.  Wir werden Latein lernen.
My friend should be home now.  Mein Freund wird jetzt wohl zu Hause sein.  (Expresses probability)



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