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These Finnish lessons were written by Josh Pirie.

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Spoken Finnish

The examples and tables shown in this tutorial exemplify written Finnish. However, the spoken language is quite different. For example, the personal pronouns are not spoken in full, and quite often the most common verbs are somewhat truncated. Third person plural is often ignored in favor of the singular. The first person plural is ignored in favor of the passive. Examples are as follows:

olla negative tulla ("to come") mennä ("to go") 
mä: oon en oo tulen > tuun menen > meen
sä: oot et oo tulet > tuut menet > meet
se: on ei oo tulee menee
me: ollaan ei olla tulemme > tullaan menemme > mennään
te: ootte ette oo tulette menette > meette
ne: on ei oo tulevat > tulee menevät > menee


In Conclusion

If you decide to study Finnish, be sure to give it the time it will need. It's an easy language to pick apart and study, but it's quite hard to piece together all the components of the morphology in the short time used in everyday conversations. Still, it's a beautiful language, one worthy of deep study. After a few years, you'll be able to tackle the Finnish national epic: Kalevala. Good luck! Or, in Finnish, Onnea Matkaan!

(Much of this tutorial has come from the benefit of my own Finnish professor, Prof. Börje Vähämäki, of the University of Toronto (formerly of the University of Minnesota), and his book Mastering Finnish (1994). Any inaccuracies found in this tutorial are my own. If you have constructive criticism, please feel free to comment: josh.pirie [at] yahoo [dot] ca.)


Finnish Vocabulary and Grammar

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