French & Italian Comparative Verb Conjugations: Would, Could, Should

Italian to French Flashcards

Translate would, would have, could, could have, should, and should have between French and Italian using the conditional tenses and faire / fare as the sample verb. These flashcards are in the same order as the lists - they do NOT appear in random order.

Depending on the main verb used, you may need to use essere as the auxiliary for the Italian forms and make the past participle agree with the subject. However, in conversational Italian, it is fine to just use avere with all verbs.

fareije ferais
farestitu ferais
farebbeil ferait
faremmonous ferions
farestevous feriez
farebberoils feraient
avrei fattoj'aurais fait
avresti fattotu aurais fait
avrebbe fattoil aurait fait
avremmo fattonous aurions fait
avreste fattovous auriez fait
avrebbero fattoils auraient fait
potrei fareje pourrais faire
potresti faretu pourrais faire
potrebbe fareil pourrait faire
potremmo farenous pourrions faire
potreste farevous pourriez faire
potrebbero fareils pourraient faire
avrei potuto farej'aurais pu faire
avresti potuto faretu aurais pu faire
avrebbe potuto fareil aurait pu faire
avremmo potuto farenous aurions pu faire
avreste potuto farevous auriez pu fare
avrebbero potuto fareils auraient pu faire
dovrei fareje devrais faire
dovresti faretu devrais faire
dovrebbe fareil devrait faire
dovremmo farenous devrions faire
dovreste farevous devriez faire
dovrebbero fareils devraient faire
avrei dovuto farej'aurais dû faire
avresti dovuto faretu aurais dû faire
avrebbe dovuto fareil aurait dû faire
avremmo dovuto farenous aurions dû faire
avreste dovuto farevous auriez dû faire
avrebbero dovuto fareils auraient dû faire


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