Dutch Verb Prefixes

Learn about separable and inseparable verb prefixes in Dutch

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Dutch Verb Prefixes

Separable Prefixes


aan- af- binnen- in- na- onder- over- toe- voor-
achter- bij- door- mee- om- op- tegen- uit- -weg

When verbs with separable prefixes are conjugated, the prefixes go to the end of the clause or sentence. For example, uitgaan (to go out) and weggaan (to go away):

Gaan jullie niet meer uit? Don't you go out anymore?
Hij gaat vandaag weg. He's going away today.


Inseparable Prefixes


be- ont- ge-
her- ver- er-


These prefixes always remain attached to their infinitives.  The inseparable prefixes are unstressed syllables, as compared to the separable prefixes, of which most can stand alone as prepositions. -ann, -onder, -over, -door, -voor and -om can also be inseparable prefixes if they are unstressed.


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