Dutch Nature Vocabulary

Learn words related to the natural world in Dutch

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Dutch Nature Vocabulary



air lucht meadow weide
bank oever moon maan
bay baai mountain berg
beach strand (n) mud modder
bridge brug nature natuur
bush struik peninsula schiereiland (n)
cave grot plain vlakte
city stad plant plant
cloud wolk pond vijver
coast kust rain regen
country land (n) rainbow regenboog
country(side) platteland (n) river rivier
current stroom rock rots
darkness duisternis sand zand (n)
desert woestijn sea zee
dew dauw shadow schaduw
dust stof (n) sky lucht
earth aarde snow sneeuw
farm boerderij spring (water) bron
field veld (n) star ster
flower bloem storm storm
foam schuim (n) stream beek
fog mist street straat
forest bos (n) sun zon
frost vorst thaw (ont)dooi
grass gras (n) thunder donder
hail hagel tree boom
hay hooi (n) valley vallei
heath heide view uitzicht (n)
high tide vloed water water (n)
hill heuvel fresh water zoet water (n)
ice ijs (n) salt water zout water (n)
island eiland (n) waterfall waterval
lake meer (n) wave golf
leaf blad weather weer (n)
light licht (n) wind wind
lightning bliksem world wereld
low tide eb    



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