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Danish Adjectives

Danish adjectives must agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe. Adjectives are placed before the noun, as in English. However, the adjectives add endings depending on indefinite or definite use. If indefinite, common nouns usually add nothing, neuter nouns add -t and plural nouns add -e. If definite, many adjectives add -e to all forms. If the definite article is used before the adjective and noun, den, det and de are used in place of the regular articles.

Indefinite Definite
a beautiful car en flot bil the beautiful car den flotte bil
a beautiful house et flot hus the beautiful house det flotte hus
beautiful cars flotte bilar the beautiful cars de flotte biler

Regular and Irregular Indefinite Declensions

common neuter plural
god godt gode good
ond ondt onde bad
blå blåt blå blue
smuk smukt smukke beautiful
egen ege egne own
gammel gammelt gamle old
lille lille små little / small

Comparative and Superlative Forms

Forming the comparative and superlative of adjectives in Danish is very similar to English. Most adjectives add -ere to the adjective for the comparative and -est(e) for the superlative. Some adjectives add nothing to the adjective, but use mere or mest (more or most) before the adjective.

comparative superlative
strong adjectives -ere -est
weak adjectives -ere -este
many syllables mere mest

Irregular Comparative and Superlative Forms

good - better - best god  bedre bedst
bad - worse - worst slem(t) værre værst
bad - less good - least good dårlig  slemmere slemmest
few - fewer - fewest få  færre færrest
small - smaller - smallest lille mindre  mindst
many - more - most mange flere flest
much - more - most meget mere mest
old - older - oldest gammel  ældre ældst

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