Why I hate Delta, reason #743

It’s probably no secret that I absolutely abhor flying. Normally it’s random people in the airport who drive me insane because they are too stupid to not wear a belt or put coins and keys in their pockets when they KNOW they will be going through a metal detector. And don’t even get me started on people who don’t know they have to take their laptops out of their carry-ons. TSA’s liquid ban also makes me want to punch the person who thought that would somehow make us all safer. But what I hate most is how the airlines treat you like crap – and the airline that has always been the worst is Delta.

It’s bad enough they bought out my beloved Northwest (best airline ever. period. RIP.) and left me stranded in Kentucky with a $50 hotel fee a few summers ago, but now I have to fly with them again in order to go home for my sister’s wedding. Even buying the ticket was a nightmare since their website sucks and my ticket was confirmed, but yet not actually approved. I tried getting help from their online chat, but was instructed to call a number that didn’t work. I tried two other customer service numbers that got me nowhere or simply hung up on me. Finally my mom had to call them from Michigan! Not only that, they tacked on a $20 fee to the overall price and did not explain why.

Then today I discover that Delta is now the first major US airline* to start charging a fee for the 2nd checked bag on an international flight, for tickets bought on or after May 23 with travel on or after July 1st. Oh lucky me, I bought my ticket June 1st! So I get to pay an extra $50 when I come back to France in August because there is no way all of my American goodies are going to fit in one suitcase.

If only sea travel weren’t so much more expensive and longer than air travel…

*Unfortunately, Northwest is also charging this fee since they are now technically Delta. Stupid merger. At least the other SkyTeam partners haven’t started charging yet though.