Which will I hate the least? Bobigny, Cergy, Evry, Versailles or Paris?

There is very little chance that David will be in Chambéry, or even outside of Paris. We got the list of the 17 people admitted to the DGCCRF (along with what departement they are in), and David is number 10. Number 2 on the list lives in Savoie, so he will most likely take Chambery.

And in fact, since no one ever wants to go to Paris in these concours, the others will put the cities outside of Paris at the top of their lists. And since there are only 9 cities total outside of Paris (excluding Saint-Denis), David will be the first one assigned to Ile-de-France. What great luck we have.

(I do have to say I’m tempted to put Saint-Denis down because the person who lives there is number 12.  I could be an English assistant again and get paid the same amount that I’m making in Chambery. And there’s so much sun there… I’m not serious, but it is a nice thought to get out of mainland France.)

Honestly, I don’t mind not staying in Chambery because I’ve wanted to leave the Rhone-Alpes region for a while. And I am scared about the cost of living in IDF, but I suppose I’m more saddened about the fact that we have to live apart next year.

The thought of both us living in tiny overpriced studios, separated by a 3 hour TGV ride or 5 hour car ride, makes me want to cry. I cannot and will not give up my job because I like it too much, but next year is going to be hard on me. There’s really no point in me living in Chambery until September, especially since that would mean paying three rents for the months of May and June, but it will be harder to find a place to live then. And if David does have a studio, that would be awful to live together with the cat in 20 meters squared.

Luckily I have many lovely blogger friends in IDF that I will be able to see often when I move there in May 2010. But we need some help putting the IDF cities in order of preference. I know nothing about these cities except which departement they are in. I’d like to be near the countryside or some type of espace vert (if that’s possible), but being close to an airport would be nice too, so I can escape more often.

So if you had to choose among Bobigny, Cergy, Evry, Versailles or Paris, which would you choose?

Dr. Wagner has a PhD in Linguistics and is dedicated to learning and teaching languages online and abroad. She has studied in Quebec and Australia, taught English in France, and is currently based in the US.