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Learn Swedish with Swedish Language Tutorial by ielanguages.com

Learn Swedish with Swedish Language Tutorial

Do you want to learn Swedish?

Swedish Language Tutorial is now available for purchase in PDF format or as a print-on-demand paperback!

This tutorial includes the original vocabulary and grammar review, the authentic listening resources with transcriptions and translations (formatted line by line with the English directly below the Swedish for easier reading/listening), and Swedish realia photos taken in Sweden. The mp3s to accompany the tutorial (and labelled by page number) are available to download for free at ielanguages.com/swedish-audio/ or if you order the e-book, they are included in the download as a .rar file

The PDF e-book is available for $21 USD through Gumroad, while the coil-bound paperback is available for $31 USD + shipping through Lulu.com. You can also preview the book, including the table of contents, at Lulu’s site.

Purchase of the paperback book includes the e-book for free. Simply forward your Lulu.com receipt to ielanguages@gmail.com

You will also receive free lifetime updates to the e-book, including audio files, as they are made available.

Buy the PDF e-book (Gumroad):
Buy Swedish Language Tutorial e-book


Buy the coil-bound paperback (Lulu.com):

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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