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Bone Church: Sedlec Ossuary outside of Prague

Sedlec Ossuary, or Bone Church, is usually on those “creepy places to visit” lists, so naturally I had to see it. It’s located in Kutná Hora, about an hour outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic, and quite easy to get to by train.

The bones of over 40,000 people, mostly plague victims, were used to decorate this chapel by a half-blind monk in the 16th century. It’s not the only “bone church” in the world, but it’s probably one of the better known.


There are direct trains every hour or two which take about an hour to get there, and the ticket is really cheap. If two people travel together on the same ticket, it’s cheaper than two separate tickets. We paid 355 Czech koruna for a roundtrip ticket for 2 people, which is about $16 USD.


You can buy train tickets online and print them at the České dráhy website. I didn’t see any machines at the station so if you’re anti-social, be prepared to wait in line and actually talk to people. When you arrive in Kutná Hora, take a right when leaving the train station and then follow the road around to the left. Once you get past the tobacco factory and church on the left, cross the road and follow the signs for Kostnice.


If you arrive at the same time as a tour group, it can get quite crowded since the chapel itself is actually somewhat small. A few tour groups were on the same train as us, but we managed to get to the ossuary before them. Avoid arriving around noon on a Saturday…


For our 4 day trip to the Czech Republic, we spent the rest of the time in Prague. The city is quite beautiful, especially the Jewish Quarter. I would advise staying away on weekends in the summer though. Unfortunately we were there Friday through Monday in July and it was so incredibly crowded everywhere that walking down the street was difficult at times.

We stayed at Salvator Superior Apartments, which is within walking distance to all the major sites. The castle is quite a hike on the other side of the river, but still manageable. (We did it in 90 degree weather!) The Mucha Museum has a nice gift shop if you’re looking for souvenirs or gifts that are not typical tourist stuff that you’ll find everywhere else in Prague.

Czech language realia and photo albums to come! (Once I finish thesis revisions…)