Starting my PhD in Languages and Linguistics… in Australia

Here’s another secret that I’ve been keeping for a while: I’m moving to Australia in a few months to start my PhD in Languages and Linguistics.

I received a scholarship that pays all of the tuition fees as well as a living allowance for three years. My research will be on the teaching of French (of course!) and my research question will be focused on the vocabulary presented in textbooks that are commonly used in university classrooms and to what extent they teach spoken, informal, non-standard French.  I have a ton of ideas on how to improve the teaching of French – as you can see from my website – and I can’t wait to get back to doing academic research and being in a university environment.

Capital cities of Australia

I will be in one of these cities

Since my research will be a full-time job, I won’t have as much time to devote to the website but I intend to keep updating the tutorials and blog as much as possible. However, I suppose I will need to change the name of the blog since I will no longer be en France.  I have a ton of things to do before I leave (I don’t yet have an official date, but sometime in mid-July or August), including learning some Australian English and getting used to the accent. Any Aussie friends out there who can recommend some good Australian movies or series?

Size of France (blue on left) compared to Australia

Dr. Wagner has a PhD in Linguistics and is dedicated to learning and teaching languages online and abroad. She has studied in Quebec and Australia, taught English in France, and is currently based in the US.