Spending More Time with Books

Today was my last day of work at the university but it hasn’t really set in yet that I am done because I still have to finish grades. I should be excited about my 5 months of paid vacation but I don’t know if I will actually be getting paid since the préfecture might decide to make me an illegal immigrant soon. I desperately need my new residency card so that I can receive my monthly salary but it’s already been over an month and I still don’t even have a récépissé. And of course, there’s the problem of returning to France from Croatia with an expired (by one day!) card on May 8. Being stuck in Split doesn’t sound like such a bad idea though…

Since I used computers in all of my classes and then continued sitting in front of my computer at home when I didn’t really need to, I’ve decided to take a little break. There is no reason why I need to spend 10 hours a day at a computer. Unfortunately  a lot of that time has simply been wasted on websites that serve no purpose other than to make me angry about the state of the world and the stupidity of human beings. I want to be ignorant of all of the awful things people do and say to others, even just for a short time. So goodbye internet.

I have been increasingly distracted from learning languages because of the internet even though I normally say the internet is the best source for learning. There are just too many distractions and it’s too easy to waste time. Of course, it’s still the best place to collect materials, but I need to step away from it for a while.  I have plenty of books that need to be read or re-read. I have plenty of audio to listen to – just a couple hundred gigabytes, no biggie. And I certainly have plenty of vocabulary to learn. I go to Croatia in 10 days, Denmark in 3 weeks, Germany in 6 weeks and Italy in 2 months. I have a lot of work to do. So hello again the love of my life (a.k.a. language books):

View of my bookcase from the couch

I don’t know how long it will last, especially since I have to check my e-mail and website everyday anyway, but I really want to get focused again. My insomnia has severely interfered with my concentration and memory these past few months so hopefully it will get better now that I have no actual job to go to and be stressed about.

A plus tard !

Dr. Wagner has a PhD in Linguistics and is dedicated to learning and teaching languages online and abroad. She has studied in Quebec and Australia, taught English in France, and is currently based in the US.