Listen to the Languages of France & French around the World

Corpus de la Parole is a great site for anyone interested in the languages spoken in France and the DOM-TOMs. If you’ve ever wanted to hear what Alsacien, Basque, Breton, Francoprovençal, Picard, Occitan, or Reunion creole sounds like, there are audio files and some transcripts available.  There is also a lot of information on the various languages and creoles spoken throughout the territoire of France, especially in Guyana, Tahiti and New Caledonia. The site is written entirely in French, of course, and designed more for linguists because of the terminology used.

A link on Corpus de la Parole led me to the Phonologie du français contemporain site, which includes a teaching French section with several extraits of French speakers reading texts and having conversations, all with transcripts (but no translations.) Most of the material is designed for the advanced level and includes several accents of authentic language in Europe, Africa, and North America. I wish I had found this site earlier!

For beginning learners of French, TUFS Language Modules offers 40 dialogs in either standard French or Quebecois French with options for French and/or English subtitles.  They are scripted and rehearsed so not quite as authentic as other resources, but still helpful for those who are just starting out in French, and especially for those who need help with the Quebecois accent.  The Swiss French version should be online around June 2011.