How do we feel about Vincennes?

David received the paperwork so that he could put the cities in order of preference, and for the Paris position, it is actually listed as “Vincennes – Institut de la gestion publique et du développement économique.”  I know Vincennes is right outside of Paris and very densely populated, but do you think it’s a place I would like? The château and the bois de Vincennes look nice at least.

So far he’s put down: 1. Chambéry, 2. Lyon, 3. Strasbourg, 4. Dijon, 5. Nantes, and 6. Caen. Besides all of the Ile-de-France cities, he still needs to decide where to put Digne, Nevers, Châteauroux, and Saint-Denis.  And apparently he has heard so many bad things about Châteauroux that he wants to put it at number 17, after Saint-Denis in La Réunion!  I don’t know anyone who lives there, but David seems to think it’s the most awful place in France. Please someone tell me he is wrong because I would rather be there than Paris…

Thank you for all your input on this! I appreciate it!

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