Finally! We’re moving to: CHAMBERY!!!

After months of waiting and worrying, we finally know where we will be for the next 3 years. David found out today that he got placed in Chambéry!

I am very excited as of course this means we don’t have to live apart next year. Now we can finally start looking for an apartment and planning the move. No more driving 40 minutes to work and wasting 250 € a month on gas and tolls! And even more good news, Carole is going to take this apartment back when we move out, so we don’t have to worry about wasting money on rent for June.

Everything just worked itself out perfectly. The government took their sweet time figuring it all out though. We were supposed to know on the 21st, so I’ve been nervous all week waiting for the answer. Apparently a lot of people chose Chambéry because it was one of the least expensive, yet not too small, cities on the list. And even though David was number 10 on the list, it was given to him because of his situation familiale (having a conjointe who already works there.)

And just like I predicted, someone else chose La Réunion so that the woman who lives there would have to come to France. But they decided to let her stay there with her husband and kids because that would have been awful to make her move alone. So in the end, not many people got their first or second choices so I really don’t know why they just didn’t assign candidates to the city closest to where they live, since that’s basically where everyone ended up anyway! Ah France. Your logic is so illogical.

Now on to the apartment hunt!

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