English Lecteur Jobs in France for 2018

English Lecteur Positions at French Universities 2018-2019

Welcome to the 2018-2019 list of English lecteur / lectrice and maître de langue positions at French universities!

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If you have finished at least one year of a Master’s degree, you may be eligible to apply to teach English at the university level in France. Please read through the English lecteur / lectrice information and check out last year’s job listings to get an idea of when most deadlines are and which universities were hiring. I’ll continue to add new job listings to this post as I receive them, so be sure to check back often and follow ielanguages on Twitter where I always tweet the new job listings. If your university has a job listing to advertise, feel free to tweet me or e-mail me at ielanguages@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Lecteurs/lectrices work up to 300 hours of travaux pratiques (TP) per year, or possibly up to 100 hours of travaux dirigés (TD). TP is generally labs/workshops/testing or other classes that require very little preparation, while TD refers to actual lectures, which obviously require more preparation. For lecteur/lectrice positions, you should not be asked to work more than 100 TD hours per year. Maîtres de langue work 288 hours of TP or 192 hours of TD.  Some universities have been hiring lecteurs and forcing them to work 200 TD hours so they only have to pay the lecteur salary instead of the maître de langue salary. In January 2014, Heike Romoth published an article in SNESUP (bottom of page 17 in the PDF) criticizing this illegal practice. The official décret states that “Les lecteurs de langue étrangère assurent un service annuel en présence des étudiants de 300 heures de travaux pratiques. Leur service peut comporter des travaux dirigés sans que leur nombre d’heures annuelles de travaux dirigés puisse être supérieur à 100.”  If you are hired as a lecteur/lectrice, please make sure the university is not exploiting you by making you do more work for less pay. This has been a problem mostly at universities in and around Paris. Read this comment from a former lecteur on how they handled this particular problem.

Open lecteur positions for 2018-2019:

Le PEARL (Pôle d’Enseignement, d’Autoformation et de Recherche en Langues) at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice; re-posted June 28 – please apply as soon as possible [download PDF]

Deadline already passed:

L’École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is hiring four English lecteurs/lectrices; deadline March 1, 2018 [download PDF]

L’École supérieure d’ingénieurs de Reims (ESIReims) is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice for a two-year contract (2018-2020); deadline March 5, 2018 [visit website for application instructions]

L’Université Bordeaux Montaigne is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice; deadline March 8, 2018 [visit website for forms(The website does not currently include English, but there is a PDF announcing the English position.)

L’Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 is hiring several English lecteurs/lectrices and a maître de langue; deadline March 12, 2018 for lecteur positions. (Only the lecteur application has been updated with the correct dates. Last year’s deadline for the maître de langue position was March 6, 2017.) [visit website for forms]

L’Université de Valenciennes is hiring 1 or 2 English lecteurs/lectrices in the Faculty of Science and Technology; must already have right to work in France; deadline March 15, 2018 [download PDF]

The La Roche-sur-Yon campus of the Université de Nantes is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice; deadline is March 22, 2018 [download PDF]

The ENSIAME Engineering school at the Université de Valenciennes is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice; deadline is March 30, 2018  [download PDF]

The Faculté des Sciences et Technologies à Vandoeuvre lès Nancy at the Université de Lorraine is hiring an English lecteur/lectrice; deadline is April 6, 2018  [download PDF]

L’Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO), Boulogne-sur-Mer, France has one vacancy for a position of “Lecteur/Lectrice” (entry level teaching position) at the Département de Langues et Langues Appliquées for a 1-year (renewable) contract starting September 1st, 2018 and ending August 31st, 2019. Deadline: April 10, 2018 [download PDF]

L’UFR Sciences et Technologie de l’UPEC (Université Paris Est Créteil) recrute un maître de langue anglaise sur un poste susceptible d’être vacant pour l’année universitaire 2018-2019 (poste renouvelable une fois) afin d’assurer des TD d’anglais auprès des étudiants du L1 au M2. Les conditions requises pour une candidature sont les suivantes:

  • être titulaire d’une thèse de 3ème cycle ou PhD / être inscrit en thèse ou être titulaire d’un Master 2 au moment de la demande.
  • être de langue maternelle anglaise
  • maîtriser la langue française

Le service est de 192h à l’année.  Le salaire est de 2012 euros bruts mensuels. Les candidatures doivent inclure les documents suivants :

  • curriculum vitae,
  • lettre de motivation,
  • papiers d’identité,
  • copie du dernier diplôme obtenu
  • attestation de l’établissement justifiant le nombre d’années d’études sanctionnées par le dernier diplôme obtenu (ce dernier document peut être fourni ultérieurement)

et être envoyées par e-mail au plus tard le mercredi 2 mai 2018 à 17h. Les entretiens seront organisés le vendredi 4 mai 2018 au matin.

Bernard FROUIN
UFR Sciences et Technologie – UPEC

La Faculté de Médecine Montpellier-Nîmes recrute actuellement des anglophones ayant un niveau Master 1 (validation d’une année post-licence) pour un poste de lecteur pour l’année universitaire 2018-19 avec un contrat de 12 mois, éventuellement renouvelable une fois seulement. 300 heures d’enseignement (TP) par année universitaire, avec la possibilité d’heures d’enseignement supplémentaires.

Envoyer un CV avant le 15/5/18 à l’adresse suivante :

75 Rue Professeurs Truc

Ou par email : rama.levin@umontpellier.fr

From the Comments: “A colleague at the IUT at Paris 5 has let me know that they are looking to hire a lecteur for next year. The deadline is May 23. If you’re interested, send a CV and cover letter to Marie-Annick Mattioli (marieannick.mattioli@gmail.com).”

The IUT de Sceaux (equivalent of a Technical College of Higher Education) is recruiting a lecteur/lectrice d’anglais for the 2018/2019 academic year (September to June). The position can be renewed for a second year.

The IUT de Sceaux caters for students doing courses majoring in Commerce and Financial Management, so the classes are oriented towards business English. Other activities include preparing students for oral exams (business schools) or international certificates (TOEIC, for example).

Working conditions are good: class sizes are generally up to 18 students, all classrooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment. There are language laboratories and a multimedia room available for use. Many English-teaching textbooks are at your disposal.

Teaching hours: 200 annually, on average approx. 14 per week from mid-September to mid-April. Plus the possibility of doing extra hours, paid as overtime @ approx..€40 gross/hour. No classes during the university holiday periods.

Monthly salary: Approx. €1200 net, September 2018 to August 2019.


Applicants must:

have a native-like or bi-lingual level of English (C2 level +)
have a university degree at BA Honours level or higher (i.e. a 4-year degree, comprising 240 ECTS)
already have valid working papers for France or have an EU nationality

Applicants will preferably:

have already had significant experience in teaching (business) English to students or to adults
have a good knowledge of French and of the French university system

To apply, send your application (CV and letter in English) by email to:-

Kevin Diamond

Coordinateur des langues
IUT de Sceaux

Deadline : May 27 2018.

Candidates shortlisted for interview will be contacted a few days after the deadline.

Université de Perpignan-Via Domitia: In 2018/19, we are hiring a European native speaker of English who will work alongside our non-European lectrice who is staying on for a second year. Applicants should hold an MA (or similar) in Humanities, and should be fluent in French. They should be competent to describe the English language precisely in grammatical and in phonological terms and to use and teach the IPA for English. The position involves teaching duties and administrative tasks such as forming class groups and processing the students’ assessment results, as well as organizing extracurricular activities and administering an English club, “l’Assoc des anglicistes” (FB Assoc des anglicistes Perpignan).

Contracts are for 12 months 1 Oct-30 Sep., but in practice lecteurs/lectrices are requested to be available from late August to early July. Contracts may be extended for a second year and the Department encourages assistants to stay for two years. Staff must be available for the two 12-week teaching periods (early September to early May) and during revision, examination and board of examinations periods. The pay is 1200 € per month net and the workload is 300 teaching hours per year, plus about half a day a week to be devoted to organizing and attending extracurricular student activities with the Assoc des anglicistes. The Department’s two language assistants (one European and one non-European) are encouraged to work together, both in teaching and administrative duties and in club activities. These can be adapted to each assistant’s talents and include taking on an administrative function in the Association des anglicistes together with student members and organizing activities (“Pub Quiz” nights, conversation sessions, etc.; see FB.)

The lecteurs mainly teach oral classes and organize language laboratory sessions in the Centre de langues (http://centredelangues.univ-perp.fr), but may teach other classes, e.g. Translation or Writing skills, depending on needs and their personal qualifications. The workload is defined by the English department but a large part of the teaching is done for the Département de Langues Etrangères Appliquées (LEA), and occasionally for other departments such as History.
A lecteur / lectrice wishing to take another job must obtain permission from the University’s Human Resources office. There is no problem with this over the summer period, which is paid as in the rest of the year. For more information, please contact Dr Hélène Guillaume, guillaume@univ-perp.fr. Applications (CV in English, cover letter in French) should be sent jointly by 31st May 2018 to:

Mme Isabelle CASES, cases@univ-perp.fr,  Directrice, Département des Etudes Anglophones
Mme Hélène GUILLAUME, guillaume@univ-perp.fr
Université de Perpignan – Via Domitia, Faculté des Lettres, Batiment Y
52 avenue Paul Alduy, 66860 PERPIGNAN, France

L’ESPE de l’Académie de Lyon recrute un.e lecteur.trice d’anglais pour la rentrée 2018-19

Le profil et toutes les informations nécessaires se trouvent ici :

Attention, délai court : 1er juin

The IUT of Rennes, Brittany is looking for a “lecteur ou lectrice d’anglais” for next September. This teaching position is open to native English speakers who have a Master’s Degree (Master 1).

This job offer is for a young man or woman who is interested in leading conversation classes with small groups of first and second year engineering students in the four following departments (all located on the same premises): civil, electrical, mechanical engineering and chemistry.

The contract is for one year, renewable once, for 300 teaching hours spread out between school holidays but the applicants will have to be ready to accept extra hours, all paid of course. The salary is paid monthly from September 1st 2018 until August 31st 2019.

If you would like to apply for this job, please send your CV, your cover letter and a copy of your ID to iut-rennes-rh@univ-rennes1.fr

The deadline for applying is June 7th. The interviews will take place on June 25th/26th.

Poste de lecteur vacant au département d’anglais de l’Université d’Angers. Les dossiers de candidature (CV, lettre de motivation et diplômes) sont à adresser avant le 25 juin 2018 à :

Taïna Tuhkunen, responsable des relations internationales du département d’anglais de l’UA (taina.tuhkunen@univ-angers.fr), et à Marc Jeannin, directeur du département d’Etudes Anglophones (marc.jeannin@univ-angers.fr)

English Teaching Assistant position at Le Mans University, France, beginning first week of September 2018 until late June 2019 (work contract ending August 31, 2019). Possibility of renewal for another academic year. (no deadline given)

· Must have a status of a graduate student as of Fall 2018.

· Must speak French at intermediate or advanced level to communicate with coworkers and with some students

· Must be able to work independently; some experience teaching English would be preferable as would be cross-cultural skills

· Must commit for the entire period of the contract (one year minimum)

· Job Responsibilities:

English Conversation Workshop, English Tutoring, Evening English classes for a total or 13 hours per week spread out Monday-Friday

Independent lesson planning and teaching; planning and execution of games and activities

Integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

· Salary equivalent to about $1,400/£900 per month (paid through the summer even though you are not working)

· Opportunity to meet people and make friends from all different cultures and backgrounds

· Opportunity to improve proficiency in French and immerse in French culture

· Free weekends and several paid vacations allow for flexibility to travel (Paris is 1.5 hours away by train). France has affordable trains so that you can go anywhere fairly easily

· With the entire summer off work, but paid, you are free to stay in France/Europe until the end of August

· Le Mans is an easy city to get around with ample affordable public transportation.

· Plenty of shopping, bars, restaurants, cinemas, cafés in the city center with a convenient tramway service from campus





L’Université de Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV) is hiring three English lecteurs/lectrices. Send cover letter and CV (with nationality included) to emmanuelle.durieux [at] laposte.net (no deadline given)

Other Options to Teach English Abroad

If you are not qualified to teach at the university level, consider the Teaching Assistant Program in France to teach in the French public school system. The contract is shorter and the pay is less, but it is good experience if you plan to move up to teaching at the university level later on. Deadlines are from December to March, depending on your nationality. There are also other opportunities to teach English in Europe or Latin America if you would like to teach in other countries.

If you are an American citizen with a Master’s degree in TESOL/linguistics, you can also apply to the English Language Fellow Program to teach English overseas for 10 months. The locations change every year, but there are many options available and the stipend is $30,000.