Afrikaans Weather Expressions

How to talk about the weather in Afrikaans

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Weather Expressions in Afrikaans

How's the weather today? Hoe is die weer vandag?
It is cold / It's cold dit is koud / dis koud
It is cool / It's cool dit is koel / dis koel
It is hot / It's hot (warm) dit is warm / dis warm
It is clear / It's clear dit is helder / dis helder
It is icy / It's icy dit is ysige / dis ysige
It is windy / It's windy dit is winderig / dis winderig
It is cloudy / It's cloudy dit is bewolk / dis bewolk
It is hazy / It's hazy dit is deinserig / dis deinserig
It is muggy / It's muggy dit is bedompig / dis bedompig
It is humid / It's humid dit is vogtig / dis vogtig
It is foggy / It's foggy dit is mistig / dis mistig
It's snowing dit sneeu
It's raining dit reën
It is freezing / It's freezing dit is yskoud / dis yskoud

Dit is contracts to dis the same way that it is contracts to it's in English. Sneeu and reën are verbs rather than adjectives, so there is no need to use is or contract is with dit.


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