Afrikaans Pronouns and Possessives

How to use pronouns and possessives in Afrikaans

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Pronouns and Possessives in Afrikaans


subject pronouns object pronouns
ek I my me
jy / u you (singular / formal) jou / u you (singular / formal)
hy he hom him
sy she haar her
dit it dit it
ons we ons us
julle you (plural of jy) julle you (plural of jou)
hulle they hulle them


There are three forms of you in Afrikaans. Jy is used in informal situations and for people you know. U is used in formal situations, where you don't know the person well. Julle is the plural form of jy/jou.


possessive adjectives possessive pronouns
my my myne mine
jou / u your (singular / formal) joune / u s'n yours (singular / formal)
sy his syne his
haar her hare hers
dit se its dit s'n its
ons our ons s'n ours
julle [jul] your (plural) julle s'n yours (plural)
hulle [hul] their hulle s'n theirs

Jul and hul are used when julle or hulle have already been used in the sentence.



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