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Afrikaans Nouns

Nouns in Afrikaans are similar to English because they have no gender and no cases. The is translated by die in both the singular and plural while a or an is translated by 'n. There is no plural indefinite article. ('n is pronounced as a schwa, i.e. "uh" as in the last syllable of sofa)

die boek the book 'n boek a book
die boeke the books boeke books

Die vrug is duur. The fruit is expensive. 
Die seun sien ‘n meisie. The boy sees a girl. 
Hy gee vir haar ‘n blom. He gives her a flower.


hierdie boek this book daardie boek that book
hierdie boeke these books daardie boeke those books

The word dié can be used in place of hierdie for this/these.

To indicate possession, se is used after the noun just like 's in English.

Jack se boek Jack’s book
Piet se boek Piet’s book

Plural Nouns in Afrikaans


Add an -e or -s to pluralize the noun in Afrikaans. In addition, some nouns add 's if they end in an accentuated a, o, or u.

As a general rule, -e is the most common plural marker. Some words ending in a consonant must double it before adding -e to reflect the short vowel sound, while others that have double vowels must drop one before adding -e.

If the noun ends in -l, -m or -r then adding an -s usually produces the plural, but this is not always the case. There are also some irregular plural forms that need to be memorized.

Afrikaans singular - plural English singular - plural
vriend - vriende friend - friends (masc.)
kat - katte cat - cats
hond - honde dog - dogs
aap - ape monkey - monkeys
leeu - leeus lion - lions
foto - foto's photo - photos
vrou - vrouens woman - women
kind - kinders child - children
musikus - musici musician - musicians
teoretikus - teoretici theorist - theorists
aanbod - aanbiedinge supply - supplies



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