Now that my PhD is my full-time job, the blog gets updated much more often than the rest of the site.




April 20: Added more videos with transcripts to Authentic French and more transcripts to French Listening Resources




June 7: Added new Basic Phrases pages for French.

May 17: New French Listening Resources video: nos filles et mes frères

April-May: I'm working on adding more vocabulary and regional variations to the Spanish tutorials

January 17: Updated coding so that mp3 players work on Apple products for French Listening Resources and French Phonetics.

January 1: Added transcript for le PACS in French Listening Resources.




November 6: Updated Afrikaans tutorial and added some Afrikaans vocabulary to Germanic comparative pages.

May 20: The sister site of French Listening Resources, Authentic French with Commercials and Films, is now available!




December 20: Finally added more transcripts to French Listening Resources and made new listen & read pages! All of the embedded mp3 players have been updated with the audio tag so they should work on iPhones/iPods/iPads as well.

December 3: Mp3s for Danish tutorials have been uploaded.

October 28: New Danish tutorial, thanks to Anders! I am still uploading new Swedish Listening Resources as well.

September 13: Uploaded first half of Catalan II Tutorial

September 10-11: Another new video for French Listening Resources and new Swedish Listening Resources

August 28: Uploaded all mp3s for German II Tutorial

July 31: Added new Catalan tutorial, created affiliate program for French Language Tutorial, and uploaded photos from Melbourne & Adelaide, Australia

June 27: Almost all of the mp3s to accompany the second edition of French Language Tutorial have been uploaded. Only pages 182-187 and 211-212 are not yet finished.

June 25: Uploaded 22 mp3s to Spanish IV & Spanish V Tutorials, 3 new mp3s to Afrikaans I Tutorial, and one new French Listening Resources mp3

June 18: Added new Latin Tutorial, written by Brandon

June 12: Another 75 mp3s (pages 86-160) for French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.) have been uploaded

June 7: Travel photos from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey have been uploaded to the Gallery and Flickr

June 6: Language realia from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey has been uploaded

May 18: Uploaded 18 new mp3s to Spanish III Tutorial and the mp3s to accompany pages 52 to 85 of French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.)

May 14: Uploaded 15 new mp3s to Spanish II Tutorial

May 8: Mp3s to accompany pages 21 to 51 of French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.) have been uploaded

May 4: Mp3s to accompany pages 7 to 20 of French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.) have been uploaded as well as two latest French Listening mp3s

May 2: The second edition of French Language Tutorial is now available!

April 21: Latest French Listening mp3

April 19: Added two more Afrikaans mp3s

April 13: Re-designed the Realia Resources section plus uploaded more Italian realia (thanks to Dominick!) and added Hungarian and Turkish realia

April 7: Updated the layout for the multilingual vocabulary lists so they are easier to read

April 6: Uploaded first mp3 for Afrikaans I Tutorial (Basic Phrases) and latest French Listening mp3

March 31: New language tutorial, Afrikaans, and latest French Listening mp3

March 24: New French Listening mp3

March 16: Uploaded latest French Listening mp3

March 15: Added Adverbs & Parts of the Body vocabulary lists for Germanic Languages and French siren sounds to the Cultural Realia of France page

March 9: Finished uploading mp3s for Dutch IV Tutorial and added latest French Listening mp3

March 2: Uploaded all mp3s for Dutch III Tutorial and added latest French Listening mp3

February 23: French Listening Resources is back!

February 22: Added brand name photos to Cultural Realia of France page.

February 14: Added Food & Meals and Places & Materials to Germanic Vocabulary Lists.

February 8: Created Colloquial French Phrases & Proverbs page for the collection of phrase a day of tweets from Twitter and created Cultural Realia of France photo page.

February 4: Added General Nouns to Romance Vocabulary Lists and Fruits & Vegetables to Germanic Vocabulary Lists.

February 2: Finished uploading the rest of the audio flashcards and exercises for French II Tutorial.

January 31: Added more audio flashcards and exercises to French II Tutorial.

January 22: Updated French & Italian IV and added French & Italian Verb Conjugation flashcards (have, be, would/could/should.)

January 20: Another upload of audio flashcards and exercises to Italian II Tutorial.

January 19: Uploaded Courmayeur, Italy, photos to the Gallery and Flickr and added a few more audio flashcards and exercises to Italian II Tutorial.

January 7: Added Basic Phrases mp3 for Finnish Tutorial, provided by Kuunhalme at under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.



December 10: Uploaded first half of Italian VI Tutorial and new French Listening Resources mp3 on Christmas in France.

December 5: Uploaded mp3s for Dutch II Tutorial.

December 4: New French Listening Resources mp3 on the family.

November 25: Uploaded all of the mp3 for Swedish III Tutorial. Thanks again to Krystallia for recording so fast!

November 23: Uploaded more mp3s for Spanish II Tutorial and Swedish II Tutorial.

November 22: Uploaded more German realia from Austria. Thanks to Petr!

November 19: Uploaded mp3s for Dutch I Tutorial and new French Listening Resources mp3 of Joyeux Anniversaire song.

November 18: Uploaded 5 new mp3 for Swedish II Tutorial.

November 16: Uploaded 9 new mp3s for Spanish I Tutorial and 17 new mp3s for Swedish I Tutorial.

November 13: Uploaded Basic Phrases mp3 for Swedish I Tutorial and created audio flashcards.

November 11: New French Listening Resources mp3 on the school system in France.

November 6: Audio flashcards (Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese) are now available for Portuguese I Basic Phrases. The accent is Brazilian Portuguese.

November 5: Audio flashcards (German to English and English to German) are now available for German I Basic Phrases.

November 4: Audio flashcards (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) are now available for Spanish I Basic Phrases.

November 3: Subscribe to the new weekly newsletter and receive an e-mail every Wednesday with recent updates, blog posts, French word a day tweets, and special news and discounts on e-books.

October 30: Added Portugal Travel Tips and re-formatted the other Travel Tips so they are on individual pages: Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

October 28: Added Lisbon & Sintra photo album, Lisbon & Sintra video and Portuguese Realia.

October 18: New French Listening Resources mp3.

October 16: Updated Croatian I Tutorial.

October 11: New French Listening Resources mp3.

October 4: Added new Italian II Tutorial mp3s and a French Listening Resources mp3.

September 13: Added a few more mp3s to Italian II Tutorial - past participles with essere verbs.

September 6: Created some new audio flashcards for Italian I tutorial and added audio to existing flashcards and exercises.

August 27: Uploaded first unit of Foreign Service Institute Swedish Basic Course plus accompanying mp3s.

August 22: Uploaded six more units of the Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course. Ten units, plus the preliminary unit, are now available as HTML along with their MP3s that you can listen to online or download.

August 19: Created fill-in-the-blank (cloze) exercises for the first 20 French Listening Resources.

August 15: Added more vocabulary and sample sentences to the various Italian tutorials, in addition to creating new sections: 66, 71, 99, and 100.

August 5: Added a few more mp3s to Italian II Tutorial on the present perfect and irregular past participles.

August 3: The first two mp3s for the Portuguese tutorials are now uploaded, thanks to Olavo Germano de Sousa Neto, who is also the author of the tutorials. I've split the Portuguese tutorial into two pages, added an index page, and an mp3 page.

July 29: Created MP3 pages for the rest of the language tutorials that have audio to download: Italian, German, Spanish and Russian

July 27: Updated Italian tutorials with new vocabulary and sample sentences. Also uploaded new French Listening mp3.

July 10: Uploaded Italian Realia from trip to Bassano del Grappa and another French Listening mp3 recorded in Italy.

June 29: Updated French Listening Resources with another eavesdropping mp3 and added more vocabulary to Informal French & Slang.

June 15: Uploaded more mp3s to Italian I and Italian II Tutorials: # 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.

June 14: Uploaded travel photos from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Strasbourg, as well as Dutch, German and French realia. Also updated French Driver's License page to include new info about the exchange with Texas.

May 28: Uploaded a few more mp3s for Italian II Tutorial

May 21: Updated French Realia

May 18: Uploaded Copenhagen photo album, Danish realia, and Copenhagen Travel Tips

May 11: Added mp3s to German I Tutorial and updated Travel Tips on Split & Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 10: Uploaded Croatia photo album and Croatian realia resources

April 30: Uploaded part 4 of interview with Mamie to French Listening Resources

April 21: Uploaded part 3 of interview with Mamie to French Listening Resources

April 20: Uploaded more Russian and Italian mp3s and separated Russian tutorial into 3 pages so hopefully they will load faster.

April 14: Another part of the interview with Mamie uploaded to French Listening podcast.

April 13: Added first mp3 of basic phrases to Italian I Tutorial. Grazie Corrado!

April 10: Added 8 more mp3s to Spanish I Tutorial.

April 6: New Informal French video!

April 5: Added 16 more Russian mp3s and a new French listening mp3.

March 27: Thanks to Marina, we now have some mp3s for the Russian tutorial! I'm also working on reformatting the tables so that the vocabulary lines up better.

March 24: New blog version of French Listening Resources podcast:

March 13: Finally finished transcribing the last 3 French Listening Resources mp3s (and created individual pages for each one) and uploaded a new informal French video to Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

February 26: Now available for purchase! French Language Tutorial as an e-book or paperback book. All of the original French tutorials (1-7) + French phonetics and IPA transcriptions for pronunciation, either in PDF format or as a coil-bound paperback. Please visit the Store for more details and to order online.

February 17: Created individual pages for each vocabulary category on Germanic Languages page and each verb on Germanic Verbs page as well as for Romance Vocabulary and Romance Verbs pages.

February 16: Updated some Italian vocabulary on the Romance Languages Vocabulary page, in the sections on Common Phrases, Question Words, Weather, Time, Prepositions and Adverbs. Thank you Corrado!

February 15: Just a reminder that you can find me on several networking sites as well: Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, FriendFeed, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Vimeo and my French Listening podcast is available through iTunes.

February 12: I'm going to try to continue updating the French Listening Resources mp3s every weekend. Ma Journée (Daily Routine) was just added today, as well as the text file and online transcript.

February 7: Uploaded photo album of Chambéry, France.

February 2: Added some new slang vocabulary to the Informal French & Slang page. Also corrected the Idioms: Colors & Numbers Exercise.

January 30: Created individual pages for French Listening Resources so that you can listen to the mp3 and read along with the transcript online.

January 29: You can also subscribe to the French Listening mp3s as a podcast through iTunes. Click here to open iTunes and subscribe.

January 24: Created a new RSS feed for the mp3s on the French Listening Resources page.

January 23: I'm still working on adding more IPA transcriptions to the French II & III Tutorials. Also added seven more mp3s - but only three transcripts so far - to French Listening Resources.

January 17: Added another mp3 and transcript to French Listening Resources and uploaded first mp3 for Spanish I tutorial. Thanks to Renzo for the recording!

January 11: Added flashcards and exercises for the first 3 sections in French II Tutorial.

January 9: Converted most of the pronunciation guidelines on the French II Tutorial to standard IPA symbols.



December 31: Uploaded French Listening Resources page where you can download mp3s and transcripts of natural French speech on a variety of topics. I plan to add many more mp3s as well as listening exercises in the future.

November 22: IE-Languages has joined Twitter: or subscribe to the RSS feed

October 29: Added Flashcards and Exercises for Spanish I Tutorial.

October 27: Updated the French I Tutorial with audio flashcards for the rest of the vocabulary sections and finished the IPA transcriptions.

October 22: Updated application instructions on Assistants in France guide.

September 20: Uploaded the Useful Words Audio Flashcards for French I.

September 14: Updated the Basic Phrases section of French I, and uploaded the Basic Phrases Audio Flashcards.

September 12: Uploaded lessons 04, 05 and 06 (and their mp3s) of Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course.

September 9: Uploaded audio flashcards & exercises for FSI Italian FAST Lesson 01.

September 8: Uploaded audio flashcards & exercises for FSI Italian FAST Preliminary lesson.

August 19: Finished French & Italian IV and French & German III tutorials.

August 14: Uploaded lesson 03 (and mp3) of Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course. Also updated info on Grenoble page on how to get from Geneva and Lyon airports to Annecy, Chambéry and/or Grenoble and uploaded Washington, D.C. photo album.

July 4: Uploaded lesson 02 (and mp3) of Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course.

June 30: Uploaded lesson 01 (and mp3) of Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course. Also added style sheet for handheld devices so viewing the website will be easier on cellphones.

June 28: Uploaded the preliminary lesson (and mp3) of Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course, as well as the table of contents and preface/introduction.

June 26: New template design for site. Also re-did the exercises and am working on more. If you see a dead link or strange character in the text (some pages were not encoded correctly with UTF-8), please let me know.

June 23: Uploaded 4 photo albums from my latest travels in Italy, France and Turkey to the Photos page.

June 19: Updated Assistants in France Guide with new info about changes to long-stay visa and residence permit procedures.

May 8: Uploaded Unit 4 of FSI German Basic Course and its mp3s. I'm working on proofreading and correcting some spelling mistakes in the FSI pages, especially the missing accented characters.

April 28: Made a few corrections to Portuguese and Croatian tutorials.

April 23: Updated some info on Guide for English Assistants pertaining to IUFM and transportation reimbursement. Uploaded Dominican Republic photo album to Travel Photos.

April 4: Re-uploaded the French zip files of mp3s for French I-V, and added new zip files for French VI & VII.

March 29: Created some audio flashcard sets for learning the départements of France and their numbers and regions.

March 28: Uploaded the rest of the mp3s for French VII.

February 17: Uploaded the interactive exercises for the Italian I Tutorial, made with Hot Potatoes.

February 5: I've been deleting the dead links on the Language Links page and adding new ones. I'm still working on creating more interactive exercises for the language tutorials.

January 11: Added navigation buttons to the top that lead to major sections of the site. Also uploaded some papers I wrote for my Linguistics courses.

January 9: Uploaded new French Phonetics page, with Listening & Repetition Exercises. Also re-recorded the pronunciation mp3 (#2 on French I).

January 2: Updated information about subjunctive mood, and added more vocabulary to the end of Italian 5.



December 23: Updated some French vocabulary in French VII. Still working on fixing some accented characters that disappeared when I changed to UTF-8 encoding.

December 19: Updated CSS, so there may be some spacing issues until I get the code fixed (especially in Internet Explorer) Printing should be easier now; I've removed the graphic and sidebar so just the text will print.

November 14: Updated Guide for English Language Assistants with application instructions and links for 2009-10 school year.

November 7: Created interactive exercises for French I Tutorial with Hot Potatoes.

October 18: Corrected some vocabulary in German tutorials (thanks Petr!) and uploaded 3 ESL lesson plans.

September 23: I'm now using Yahoo Media Player's javascript so that you can listen to the mp3s directly from the site instead of downloading them.

September 21: Uploaded first page of Norwegian tutorial, though it is not yet linked site-wide. Also added a few links to Links page.

September 16: Uploaded unit 3 of the FSI German Basic Course.

September 14: Uploaded more mp3s for French tutorials (#90 & 91 in French V and the first 15 in French VII).

September 10: Added a few more private lessons to Lesson Plans page and added more vocabulary to French VII.

August 30: Added Unit 2 of FSI German Basic Course.

August 26: Added the remaining parts to Unit 2 of FSI French Course, and uploaded new health insurance page for Expats in France.

August 22: Added FSI HTML Project page, as well as Unit 2 (parts 1-2) of French and all of Unit 1 of German.

August 18: Added more IPA symbols to French I, uploaded new French Driver's License & Driving in France page, added more resources to the Realia page. Also uploaded Foreign Service Institute French, but it is not yet linked within the site.

August 8: Added more IPA symbols to French I.

August 6: Added IPA symbols to French Basic Phrases (thank you Myles) and added some interactive vocabulary & verb exercises to German I Tutorial.

August 2: New layout again! Hopefully the collapsible menu will make navigating the site easier. Divided Romance Languages page into two: Romance Vocabulary and Romance Verbs, added Contribute page, and regrouped sections. Also deleted the previous navigation pages as they are no longer necessary.

July 30: Added more photos to Annecy, France album, added more French realia, updated vocabulary in German I and made a few updates in the Assistants Guide and Links.

July 26: Updated French & German Comparative Tutorial III.

July 11: Uploaded Provence photos.

July 1: Updated Unemployment & Lecteur/Lectrice info on Assistants Guide Part 5, started sorting Language Links, and added the Realia page of authentic language resources.

June 28: Updated my CV and uploaded Southern Germany photos.

June 16: Uploaded 38 English mp3s to ESL Lesson Plans page.

June 14: Uploaded Swedish III (but it is not completely finished yet!)

June 13: Updated French Slang vocabulary and added more interactive exercises.

June 11: Updated information about PACSing and getting a CDS in France. Also updated French slang vocabulary.

June 8: Transferred my blog to my domain! I'm new to Wordpress, so I'm still figuring things out.

June 6: Added more mp3s to French V and French VI. Added three more ESL activities to Lesson Plans page: cities, tourism and weather in the US.

June 1: Added Informal French & Slang exercises (made with Hot Potatoes).

May 29: Added another 5 activities to Lesson Plans page and updated Quebecois vocabulary on French VI.

May 24: Added links to Links page and 5 new activities to Lesson Plans page.

May 6: Updated prepositions, verbs, conjunctions and word order on Swedish II. Currently working on Swedish III.

May 3: Divided Dutch and Swedish tutorials into smaller pages; added Index page for Swedish.

April 16: New header at the top. Also created Latest Updates page (you are here!) and Site Map.

April 14: Uploaded zip files of mp3s for easier downloading.

April 7: Uploaded 14 new mp3s to French V Tutorial

April 6: Updated some French mp3s (# 23, 40, 43, 66 and 70)

March 30: Updated French & German Comparative Tutorial.

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