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Part I - Vocabulary and Grammar Review

Basic Phrases


Articles & Demonstratives

Subject & Object Pronouns

To Be and to Have

Useful Words

Question Words

Asking Questions

Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers

Days of the Week

Months of the Year






Family Members

To Do/Make and to Become

To Come & to Go

To Know People and Facts

Common Auxiliary Verbs

Conjugating Regular Verbs



Countries & Nationalities

Negative Sentences

Short Answers

Formation of Plural Nouns

Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns

Reflexive Verbs


Present & Past Perfect

Irregular Verbs p. 39-40

Irregular Verbs p. 41-42

Irregular Verbs p. 43

Food & Meals

Fruits & Vegetables


Word Order




Comparative & Superlative

House & Furniture


Future Tense

Parts of the Body


Relative Pronouns


Animals & Insects


Present & Past Participles

Passive Voice

Office & School Supplies

Materials & Tools

Traveling & Airport

Holiday Phrases

Swedish Provinces

Part II - Swedish Listening Resources

1. Presentation 

2. Day & Time 

3. Years 

4. Physical Appearance

5. Pets

6. Food

7. Fika

8. Music

9. School

10. Free Time

11. My Profession

12. A Day in My Life 1

13. A Day in My Life 2  

14. Swedes Abroad

15. Garden

16. Transportation 1

17. Transportation 2

18. Living in Sweden

19. Dream Day Interview 1

20. Dream Day Interview 2

21. Dream Day Interview 3

22. Dream Day Interview 4


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