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Romance Language Tutorials

frenchlistening.html: mp3s and transcripts to download to improve your comprehension

authentic/: transcripts and listening exercises of commercials, film clips, youtube videos, etc. to help with comprehension of authentic French in several accents









Germanic Language Tutorials






American English Tutorials

Slavic Language Tutorials

Non Indo-European Language Tutorials

Comparative Tutorials


Foreign Service Institute Language Courses

  • fsi/: Explains the FSI HTML project





Romance and Germanic Languages: Vocabulary & Verbs


Learning Languages

linguistics.html: contains the following links, plus downloads of university coursework in Linguistics

English Linguistics

france.html: living & working in France, as an assistant or expat

Assistants in France

  • assistant.html: Guide for English Language Assistants; general information
  • assistant1.html: the application and acceptance e-mail
  • assistant2.html: figuring out your arrêté de nomination and obtaining your visa
  • assistant3.html: packing your suitcases and the paperwork nightmare once you arrive in France
  • assistant4.html: all about teaching, lesson plans and travelling during the vacations
  • assistant5.html: things to do before leaving France and how to stay in France after the assistantship
  • assistlinks.html: long list of links that may be helpful for assistants in France
  • lessonplan.html: all of my ESL teaching materials are available for download (MS Word format)
  • grenoble.html: specific information for assistants (or expats) in the académie of Grenoble and/or ville of Annecy

Expats in France

  • cds.html: obtaining a residency card in France
  • pacs.html: getting PACSed or married in France
  • license.html: French driver's license & driving in France
  • health.html: Health Insurance (la Sécurité Sociale) & doctors in France

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  • /blog: my personal blog about learning languages and living abroad



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