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Russian Tutorial Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

written by Stephen VanZuylen & mp3s recorded by Marina

Russian I

1. Basic Phrases

2. Pronunciation & Alphabet

3. Further Notes on Pronunciation

4. Spelling & Combination Rules

5. The Fleeting Vowel

6. Nouns & Gender

7. Personal Pronouns

8. Demonstrative Pronouns

9. Possessive Pronouns

10. The Pronoun Both

11. The Case System

12. Nominative Case

13. Accusative Case

14. Dative Case

15. Genitive Case

16. Prepositional Case

17. Instrumental Case

18. Summary of Noun Case Endings

19. Adjectives

Russian II

20. Verbs: Introduction & Aspect

21. Present Tense

22. Past Tenses

23. Future Tenses

24. Verb Irregularities

25. Some Common Verbs

26. Interrogative Pronouns

27. Cardinal Numbers

28. Ordinal Numbers

29. Conjunctions

30. Negation

31. Times & Dates

32. Verbs of Motion

33. Food-related Verbs

34. Imperative Mood

35. Relative Pronouns & Conjunctions

36. Expressing "to be"

37. School-related Verbs

38. Expressing "to have" & "to want"

Russian III

39. Prepositions in Accusative Case

40. Prepositions in Prepositional Case

41. Prepositions in Dative Case

42. Prepositions in Instrumental Case

43. Prepositions in Genitive Case

44. Prepositions of Motion & Location

45. Summary of Prepositions of Motion

46. Countries & Nationalities

47. Former USSR

48. Common Adjective-as-State Constructions

49. Reflexive & Reciprocal Pronouns

50. Useful Adverbs

51. Additional Pronouns

52. Comparative & Superlative Adjectives

53. Passive Voice & Rules of Word Order

54. Anthem of Soviet Union

55. Anthem of Russian Federation

Russian Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar with free audio

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