Romance Languages Vocabulary Lists

Romance Languages Vocabulary Lists    

Lists of vocabulary side-by-side in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Lists that do not yet include Portuguese are marked with an asterisk (*). If you have any corrections or additions (including other Romance languages), please e-mail me at ielanguages [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are looking for comparative verb conjugations, please go to Romance Verbs. Comparative lists are also available for Germanic Languages, for both vocabulary and verb conjugations.


Choose a category below:

  1. Common Phrases
  2. Articles & Demonstratives
  3. Personal Pronouns
  4. Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns
  5. Question & Linking Words
  6. Common Words & Opposites
  7. Alphabet
  8. Numbers
  9. Days, Months, Seasons
  10. Time, Weather, Direction
  11. Colors & Shapes
  12. Prepositions & Adverbs of Place & Motion
  13. Adverbs of Time, Manner, & Quantity

  14. General Nouns
  15. Family & Pets
  16. Food & Meals
  17. Fruits & Vegetables
  18. Places & Materials
  19. Parts of Body
  20. Clothing & Toiletries *
  21. House & Furniture
  22. Work & Money
  23. School & Subjects
  24. Office Supplies & Computers *
  25. Countries & Nationalities *
  26. Nature & Geography
  27. Animals & Insects
  28. Transportation & Travel
  29. Sports & Instruments *
  30. Hobbies & Tools *

  31. General Verbs

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