Learn Romance Languages Verb Conjuations Together - French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Side-by-Side

Verb conjugations side-by-side in French, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese

These charts include verb conjugations in French, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese, with columns that can be re-arranged to change the order of the languages as well as the option to hide/show languages.

Tenses and moods include simple present indicative, imperfect indicative, preterite indicative, future indicative, conditional, present subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive, affirmative and negative imperative, gerund, present participle, past participle, and the auxiliary verb used in the perfect tenses. The periphrastic past (an alternative to the preterite) in Catalan, the alternative imperfect subjunctive forms in Spanish (using -se- instead of -ra-), the future subjunctive (Spanish and Portuguese only), the personal infinitive in Portuguese, and the simple past perfect (pluperfect) in Portuguese are also given below the main conjugation chart.

If you have any corrections or additions (including other Romance languages and vos conjugations for Spanish), please e-mail me at ielanguages [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are looking for comparative vocabulary lists, please go to Romance Vocabulary. Comparative lists are also available for Germanic Languages, for both vocabulary and verb conjugations, and Scandinavian vocabulary.

Choose a conjugation or verb below.

  1. Regular Verbs: -er / -are / -ar / -ar / -ar
  2. Regular Verbs: -re / -ere / -re|-er / -er / -er
  3. Regular Verbs: -ir / -ire / -ir / -ir / -ir
  4. Regular Verbs: -ir / -ire / -ir (stem-changing French, Italian, Catalan only)

  5. Be: être / essere / ser / ser / ser
  6. Be: être / stare / estar / estar / estar
  7. Have: avoir / avere / tenir / tener / ter
  8. Have: avoir / avere / haver / haber / haver
  9. Do or Make: faire / fare / fer / hacer / fazer
  10. Go: aller / andare / anar / ir / ir
  11. Come: venir / venire / venir / venir / vir
  12. Be able to or Can: pouvoir / potere / poder / poder / poder
  13. Have to or Must: devoir / dovere / deure / deber / dever
  14. Want: vouloir / volere / voler / querer / querer
  15. Say or Tell: dire / dire / dir / decir / dizer
  16. Read: lire / leggere / llegir / leer / ler
  17. See: voir / vedere / veure / ver / ver
  18. Give: donner / dare / donar / dar / dar
  19. Know (Facts): savoir / sapere / saber / saber / saber
  20. Know (People): connaître / conoscere / conèixer / conocer / conhecer
  21. Get Up: se lever / alzarsi / llevar-se / levantarse / levantar-se
  22. Sit Down: s'asseoir / sedersi / asseure's / sentarse / sentar-se

You may also want to review the Personal Pronouns as well as learn Verbs in the Romance languages.

Conjugations are given in the six forms: 1st person singular, 2nd person singular, 3rd person singular, 1st person plural, 2nd person plural, and 3rd person plural. Perfect / compound tenses are not included in the conjugation charts since they are easily formed by using the auxiliary verb in the correct tense plus a past participle:

compound tense tense of auxiliary verb
present perfect indicative present indicative
past perfect (pluperfect) indicative imperfect indicative
preterite perfect indicative preterite indicative
future perfect indicative future indicative
present perfect conditional present conditional
present perfect subjunctive present subjunctive
past perfect (pluperfect) subjunctive past (imperfect) subjunctive
future perfect subjunctive future subjunctive

The imperative forms correspond to the following persons/pronouns in each language:

  French Italian Catalan Spanish Portuguese
Singular familiar you tu tu tu tu
Singular formal you vous Lei vostè usted você
Let's... nous noi nosaltres nosotros nós
Plural familiar you vous voi vosaltres vosotros vós
Plural formal you vous loro vostès ustedes vocês


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