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Romance Languages Vocabulary Lists: Verbs

Learn verbs in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

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English French Italian Spanish Portuguese
be able to / can pouvoir potere poder poder
absorb absorber assorbire absorber absorver
abuse injurier ingiuriare injuriar injuriar
accept accepter accettare aceptar aceitar
accompany accompagner accompagnare acompañar acompanhar
accuse (of) accuser (de) accusare (di) acusar (de) acusar (de)
be accustomed (to) s'accoutumer (à) avvezzarsi (a) acostumbrarse (a) acostumar-se (a)
add (to) ajouter (à) aggiungere (a) añadir (a) adicionar / acrescentar (a)
add up additionner sommare sumar adicionar / somar
admire admirer ammirare admirar admirar
advance avancer avanzare adelantar avançar
advertise annoncer annunziare anunciar anunciar
advise conseiller consigliare aconsejar aconselhar
be afraid (of) avoir peur (de) avere paura (di) tener miedo (de) ter medo (de)
agree / be in agreement (with) être d'accord (avec) essere d'accordo (con) concordar (con) concordar (com)
allow (to) permettre (de) permettere (di) permitir permitir
amuse divertir divertire divertir divertir
amuse oneself / have fun s'amuser divertirsi divertirse divertir-se
apologize s'excuser scusarsi disculparse desculpar-se
appear apparaître apparire aparecer aparecer
approach s'approcher (de) avvicinarsi (a) acercarse (a) aproximar-se (a)
arm armer armare armar armar
arrest (seize) arrêter arrestare arrestar arrestar
arrive arriver arrivare llegar chegar
ascend monter salire subir subir
be ashamed (of) avoir honte (de) avere vergogna (di) avergonzarse envergonhar-se
ask (a question) poser domandare preguntar peguntar
ask for demander chiedere pedir pedir
astonish étonner sbalordire asombrar assombrar


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