Romance Languages Vocabulary Lists: Alphabet

Learn the alphabet in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese


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English French Italian Spanish Portuguese
A ah ah ah ah
B bay bee bay bay
C say chee say say
D day dee day day
E uh eh ay ay
F eff eff-eh ay-fay ay-fay
G zhay zhee hey zhay
H ahsh ahk-kah ah-chay ah-gah
I ee ee ee ee
J zhee ee loon-gah hoh-tah joh-tah
K kah kahp-pah kah kah
L ell ehl-eh ay-lay ay-lay
M emm ehm-eh ay-may ay-may
N enn ehn-eh ay-nay ay-nay
O oh oh oh oh
P pay pee pay pay
Q kew koo koo kay
R air ehr-reh air-ay ehr-reh
S ess ehs-seh ay-say ay-say
T tay teh tay tay
U ew oo oo oo
V vay voo oo-bay vay
W doo-blah-vay dohp-pyah voo doh-blay-vay doh-blew
X eeks eeks ah-kees chees
Y ee-grek ee greh-kah ee-gree-ay-gah ee-pslon
Z zed dzeh-tah say-tah zay


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