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19. Portuguese Plural Nouns

There are four main ways to form plural nouns in Portuguese:

1. Words that end in -l : drop the l and put -is if the word does not have an i before the l. If it has an e you change it to é to make the same sound.

pastel (pastry) - pastéis

2. Words that end in -ão : it has no rule. Sometimes you change it to -ões or -ães, or just add -s, depending on the word. It's better to memorize the plural when you learn the word.

coração (heart) - corações

mão (hand) - mãos

cão (dog) - cães

3. Words that end in -s or -z : have no plural form, so the singular and plural are the same.

ônibus (bus)

óculos (glasses)

arroz (rice)

4. All other words : just add an -s.

pêra (pear) - pêras

maçã (apple) - maçãs

guaraná (soda) - guaranás


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